Camera Lightseal

I bought a lot of old cameras seen on camera stock exchanges or
with Ebay, it was already really with nearly all of these beautiful
cameras the original light seals, hinge seals and mirror damper
shortly before to destroy or no longer available, with some flew
around the parts even in the mirror box.

I offer to you with my material, which is produced particularly for
this purpose in Japan to protect the possibility its good old camera
again completely from beam of light and renew the mirror damper.

These gasket kits are identical with the exception of the mirror
damper and by you with the installation to length and width are
cut. And that can do really EVERYONE.

Here you find the types of manufacturers and cameras who I with
Ebay already offer:


Here you find the fitting instruction provided by me, which will
serve you as support:


Here the description of the materials: TO FOLLOW